Filled Tomatoes on Herbed Rice

Yield: 4 Servings

2 Bags of cooking rice(like

Instant rice)

8 sm Tomatoes

Salt, Pepper

2 Onions

12 oz Butter

3 1/2 oz Bacon

3 oz Lindenberger Cheese

1 pn Paprika

1 pn Nutmeg

4 T Sweet Cream

12 oz Cornstarch

2 T Herbs, chopped your choice

Prepare rice as directed on bags. Cut out the inside of the tomatoes

and season the inside. Chop the lids up and strain through a sieve.

2.Saute the onions in the butter; add the bacon, cut up and fry for a

short while. 3.Grate the cheese finely and with the seasons add to the

bacon, stir and fill all into the tomatoes. 4.Butter a pan,shallow, and

set the tomatoes inside.mix the tomatoemix ,cream,cornstarch and

seasons and poyr over the tomatoes. 5. Bake all in a 200 C oven for 30

minutes .Add the herbs to the rice and put on a platter, arrange the

tomatoes on top. Serve the sauce separate.



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