Simple Sweet Grapefruits

Serves 6The simplest of summer starters, and one of the most
delicious. Particularly ideal for large numbers of people
as they are so easy to prepare.
3 pink grapefruits
6 teaspoons white sugar
Halve the fruits by cutting them across their bellies (as opposed to across the stalk end of the fruit). Using a thin
serrated knife carefully cut across the exposed flesh, separating each segment. Next cut around the edge of
the fruit, separating the flesh from the skin. If you have a grapefruit knife (which is serrated and curved at the end)
use this, otherwise the thinner the blade the better. The trick is to get underneath the segments so each is cut away
from its tethering pith. Finally, place the halves in individual 
bowls, sprinkle each with a teaspoon of sugar and serve.
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