Red Wine, Chilli and Garlic Steaks

Serves 4
Cooking time: 6-16 minutes
Red wine permeates the thick flesh of beef better than
anything else. I’d advise buying a halfway decent bottle
of wine, if only so you can drink some while you do the
4 large sirloin steaks
half bottle of red wine
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 red chillies, seeded and finely chopped
2 large garlic cloves, crushed
salt and freshly ground black pepper
Season the steaks with salt and black pepper and lay them in a shallow dish. Combine the wine, oil, chillies, garlic and sesame seeds and pour the mixture over the steaks – add more wine to cover the meat if necessary. Cover and chill overnight to allow the flavour to penetrate. Grill the steaks over hot coals until done to your liking.
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