Sbarro Baked Ziti

2 lbs. Ziti (uncooked)
3 Oz. Grated Romano Cheese
1 1/2 lbs. Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
1. Cook Ziti according to package directions − 12 to 14 minutes until al dente stirring often. After cooking, drain ziti well, but DO NOT RINSE OFF UNDER WATER!
2. While Ziti is cooking preheat oven to 350F. Combine ricotta, romano, tomato sauce (reserve 1/4 cup) and pepper in
large mixing bowl.
3. Gently combine cooked ziti with cheese/sauce mixture. In a 13″x9″x2″ pan, spread the 1/4 cup reserved sauce. Add ziti and top with mozzarella cheese. Cover loosely with aluminum foil and bake until mozzarella is thoroughly melted (about 12−15 minutes). Serve with garlic bread and additional sauce if desired.
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One thought on “Sbarro Baked Ziti

  1. Love this recipe. It is my grandson’s favorite meal. Comes out perfect everytime. I do add a luttle extra tomato sauce to the mixture.

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